Delivery and returns

Order processing and shipment

Orders, made before 11am in weekdays and will be paid in full*, will be shipped out in the same day.

Orders, made after 11am in weekdays and will be paid in full*, will be shipped out not later than next day.

Orders, made in weekends and holiday will be processed and shipped out on closest weekday.

* Order counts as paid in full if the payment is done using Paypal when item is ordered, option pay-on-delivery is chosen or payment is done by bank wire and payment confirmation has been provided.

** Shipment of order can be delayed if any of the goods ordered are not available and both parties needs to agree on replacement or refund options.

Order delivery terms

Standard delivery terms within Republic of Latvia territory, assuming that order is made before 11am in weekday and is paid in full (order from fastest to slowest):

  • Venipak courier/delivery points: delivery on next day
  • Omniva courier/delivery points: delivery in 1-2 working days
  • Pasta Stacija: delivery in 2-3 working days
  • Latvijas Pasts (registered, pay-on-delivery): delivery in 2-3 working days
  • Latvijas Pasts (simple***): delivery in 2-5 working days
  • Receive goods in parlour"Mākslas Lāde" Liepaja, standard opening hours

Delivery time may differ in holiday season.

*** Simple shipments by Latvijas Pasts can not be tracked online and delivery is not signed for. Because of this we do not take responsibility for lost packages shipped by this option.

Delivery costs

No delivery cost is to be paid if receive goods in parlour "Mākslas Lāde" in Liepaja, Fr.Brivzemnieka street 58 is chosen. Delivery cost for order send by Latvijas Pasts is calculated based on total weight. Costs are automatically applied when doing the check-out.

Delivery withing borders of Latvia:

  • Venipak courier: 4.00 EUR - 7.00 EUR
  • Venipak delivery points: 3.70 EUR
  • Omniva courier: 10.00 EUR
  • Omniva delivery points: 3.00 EUR
  • Pasta Stacijas delivery points: 3.00 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (pay-on-delivery): 6.00 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (registered): 1.80 EUR - 3.50 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (simple): 1.30 EUR - 3.00 EUR
  • Orders 30+ EUR (Latvijas Pasts): FREE!
  • Orders 50+ EUR (Venipak): FREE!

Delivery to Lithuania and Estonia:

  • Venipak courier: 9.00 EUR - 13.50 EUR
  • Venipak delivery points: 5.50 EUR
  • Omniva courier: 15.00 EUR
  • Omniva delivery points: 7.50 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (registered): 4.50 EUR - 14.00 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (simple): 2.50 EUR - 11.00 EUR

Delivery to EU countries and North America:

  • Latvijas pasts (registered): 4.50 EUR - 14.00 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (simple): 2.50 EUR - 11.00 EUR

Delivery everywhere else:

  • Latvijas pasts (registered): 5.00 EUR - 18.00 EUR
  • Latvijas pasts (simple): 3.00 EUR - 16.00 EUR

Return policy

We take full responsibility and offer a full refund for all trackable shipments that might get lost on the way as well as all damaged and/or missing goods. We accept returns for all items without visible wear & tear signs withing 14 days of purchase, in this case full item cost will be refunded, however shipping costs will not be refunded as well as customer will need to pay for the return shipping.