Discounts and special offers

Discount program for registered customers

If you are already a registered customer, you might not even know that you already receive prices that are 10% lower than the standard shop prices. For unregistered customers this discount is not applied.

*This offer only works for registered customers

Free delivery for orders over 30 EUR

All orders over 30 EUR will receive free delivery by Latvia Post registered mail while orders over 50 EUR will have an option to choose free delivery by either registered mail delivery or delivery by Venipak courier. Any other delivery options will still cost the standard price.

Volume discount for orders over 100 EUR

There is extra 10% discount applied for orders over 100 EUR. This discount will stack with standard 10% discount for registered customers as well as free shipping options using Latvia Post or Venipak will also be available.

This means that registered users will receive total discount of approximately 19% as well as free shipping for orders over 100 EUR!

*This offer only works for registered customers

Special price for items based on order volume

There could be similar chart in description for several items available on our shop. If so you can enjoy special prices for these items when ordering larger amounts of the same item. These special prices are only available for some items not all, usually for basic crafting materials like hooks, pins, rings etc.